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Mid size businesses have opportunity to remove the spreadsheets and scale hiring

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Tribepad Gro Applicant Tracking Software now available to mid size businesses

There are approximately 7.7k mid size (250-999 employees) businesses in the UK – but many are struggling to hire and scale. And manual processes and clunky systems are slowing down time to hire, resulting in stressed and burned out HR professionals, and hampering business growth.

Often technology that supports recruitment is aimed at larger businesses, with the complexity – and price tag – that matches. Tribepad have launched Tribepad Gro – a  pre-built Talent Acquisition Platform that’s easy to use and ready to go. With all the fundamental features businesses need to recruit well as the business builds. It is designed to make it easy to search for, sort, hire and onboard the best people at a greater volume, easily and effectively.

Tribepad Gro makes it easy to hire the best staff in an efficient and compliant way.

  • Taking the headache of admin away, recruiters can create beautiful, SEO-ready, multi-media jobs in moments, with ready-to-go job templates, and are able to distribute jobs fast to job boards and social media with a click, while hosting jobs through a simple branded jobs page of their own.
  • Candidates are able to create a profile, upload a CV, and submit an application within minutes with a mobile-first functionality and design. With automated and ad-hoc candidate comms via SMS and email and a self-service candidate portal to track and manage applications, candidates are always in the loop and engaged.
  • Hiring managers can track, contact and report in minutes, saving time and reducing possibility of human error for a much more efficient and effective process.

The product has the potential to transform hiring for businesses who are struggling to recruit the people they need as they scale.

Mid size businesses can sometimes struggle to hire at scale, and many persist with manual processes and spreadsheets to do so. This means teams become overstretched as the business ramps up hiring to grow. The features that Tribepad Gro offers will help them transform their recruitment approach straight out of the box. A simple, pre-configured platform that can be up and running in no time.

Neil Armstrong
Chief Commercial Officer at Tribepad

Despite increasing economic uncertainties, Fosway research shows that talent shortages are the most significant business challenge for employers. The skills challenge is particularly acute for startups and small organisations looking to find the talent they need. Tribepad’s solution, Gro, aims to help small organisations in the UK overcome this skills challenge by finding better talent faster. It is a streamlined version of Tribepad’s enterprise platform, providing functionality for searching talent, rapidly posting jobs, and support for communication and easy interviewing. It aims to help recruiters and managers reduce time to hire and cut agency costs.

Sven Elbert
Senior Analyst, Fosway Group, Europe's #1 HR industry Analyst firm

Managers and business owners are under increasing pressure to plug skills gaps – and fast. Built on enterprise grade technology, Gro provides tried and tested functionality aimed at simplifying and accelerating the recruitment process and improving the quality of hire, which is becoming a key differentiator in recruitment.

Sven Elbert
Senior Analyst, Fosway Group, Europe's #1 HR industry Analyst firm

About Tribepad

Tribepad is a specialist talent acquisition software provider, serving some of the UK’s best-known organisations such as the BBC, Tesco, Sodexo, Serco and G4S. Its award-winning software includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), video interviewing, employee onboarding, freelancer management and job boards. Tribepad helps organisations save time and money in the recruitment process while delivering a positive user experience for employers and candidates. Its software is used by more than 25 million people and is available in 16 languages worldwide.

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