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New Tribepad Features

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Each quarter we’ll give you a fresh batch of tools, integrations and helpful features that’ll help you build a tribe that thrives.

2023 Features

We’ve made it even easier to find all of our new feature updates by moving them to a snazzy new section on the website. Check ’em out here!

2023 updates are already there but we’re in the process of moving over 2022 updates, so in the meantime, you can still find them below.

2022 Release #4

Promote jobs on more boards without a subscription

Use the shiny new Job Booster to promote job adverts on an as-you-need, pay-as-you-go basis from within Tribepad, instead of managing heaps of different subscriptions. It’s ideal for boards that are super handy sometimes, but not handy enough to justify a lengthy contract.

• Promote jobs wherever’s useful, from one place
• Save money on subscriptions you don’t need
• Streamline costs and management admin
• Take the hassle out of deciding where to post

Job Booster uses programmatic matching to recommend the right boards and gives you immediate, transparent one-off pricing and time frames.

Get eyes on your contracts before you send them

Create automatic authorisation workflows so the right people review contracts before you send to candidates. Avoid contract errors that damage your brand and increase business risk.

See your candidates’ Onboarding status more easily

We heard you – it can be a pain scrolling through the whole Onboarding screen to check one candidate’s status. Especially when you’re juggling thousands of candidates. Now you can also see a candidate’s onboarding summary by clicking their profile, so you know instantly what’s happening.

Stop chasing referees

Set up automatic reminders at any combination of three, five, and seven days when you’ve asked referees for a candidate reference. No more boring chasing, fewer delays.

Make life easier for your agency partners

We’ve redesigned our agency portal so it matches the usual Tribepad interface (AKA: it’s beautiful and intuitive).

Find out more about these features and watch videos on how to get started using them.

2022 Release #3

Sourcing made simple

Goodbye a million-and-one browser tabs. Hello sourcing direct from Tribepad.

Using Talent Finder, you can search the sources you normally use without ever leaving your Tribepad dashboard.

Office365 and G-Cal integration for interview scheduling is READY

Everyone involved with hiring can now sync their Office365 calendar or Google Calendar into Tribepad and set their interview availability, including time slots, maximum interviews per day, and minimum gaps between interviews.

Automatic audit trail for candidate custom fields

If you don’t use custom candidate fields, you can skip this one. If you do, we’ve now added automatic tracking if you add, change, update, or remove fields so you can see what you’ve done. And don’t lose important stuff while you’re making edits.

Get jobs approved and start hiring faster

We’ve added a new job approval process covering both requisition approval and job authorisation. Create pre-approved requisition and authorisation policies for different jobs, so the right people are automatically looped into your approval process without filling in a separate form and chasing manually. Once approval is confirmed, you’ll get a notification to move forwards with your recruitment process. Less chasing, less waiting, more recruiting.

More intuitive navigation with new Tools menu

The existing Jobs menu inside Tribepad was starting to become a little unwieldy as we added new stuff that wasn’t strictly Jobs-related. We’ve now pulled all the end-to-end components you might need through the hiring process into a dedicated Tools menu. The Jobs menu is for everything Jobs. Because it’s permissions based, you’ll need to request this update.

Find out more about these features and how to use them.

2022 Release #2

Importer for LinkedIn 

Extend your LinkedIn prowess with our snazzy new LinkedIn Chrome extension… Save time and avoid manual data entry when you’re proactively sourcing new candidates. LinkedIn Importer brings candidate info straight from LinkedIn profiles, either into your talent bank or auto-applied as a passive candidate against a role.

Repeat jobs, reduce effort

You know when you need to hire for the same job again? Our new Clone Jobs functionality makes that process super speedy. You can now clone jobs straight from your Jobs List.

New automation and filters

Fancy a few little things to make your life easier? We’ve made a few improvements to give you more control, visibility, and nuance into how you recruit

Find out more about these features and watch the webinar to see how to use them.


2022 Release #1

In this release, you’ll find these fantastic features:

CRM: Manage multi-channel two-way comms from one simple screen

Send emails and SMS to your candidates direct from Tribepad, from one intuitive screen. Replies land in your Tribepad Candidate Communications Hub and your inbox, so you never miss a message.

CRM: Build and track recruitment campaigns

Tribepad Campaigns allows you to easily create and manage different recruitment campaigns, like graduate recruitment or seasonal surges.

CV Builder: Help hiring managers review candidates faster

Decide which info your hiring managers care most about, then automatically pull info from candidate profiles into an overview CV or factsheet. Create templates for fast future use – link them straight to jobs as you create them. Then send to hiring managers, either for every candidate or as a single file including every candidate.

Watch the webinar and find out more about these features.


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