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Recruitment platforms: making hiring simple and effective for managers and candidates

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Choosing the right recruitment platform for your organisation is one of the biggest business decisions you can make. The more help you can get with the administration involved in candidate management, the more time you have to focus on quality in the recruitment process. That’s where an applicant tracking (ATS) system can make a huge difference. 

Of course, it’s not just your business that benefits from introducing a recruitment platform either. We’ve put together a list to show you how adopting an applicant tracking system can make recruitment simpler and more effective for both businesses and candidates.

Making recruitment simpler and more effective for business

Smart candidate system

Never look for a spreadsheet again. With an ATS, you can reap the benefits of being able to access all your candidate information in a single place. Your recruitment team can share information and collaborate on decision-making, wherever they are and whenever they want.

Build a talent bank

With an ATS, you have a handy talent bank – a CV database that makes managing and finding appropriate people for your open positions so simple. Relevant candidates are easily searchable, plus you can keep track of where they are in the recruitment process. Whether they have applied for a previous role or arrived through a recruiter, what you build is a talent bank of skilled and job-ready people, that reduces costs associated with new and ongoing recruitment campaigns.

Time on your side

The right recruitment platform can save you valuable time that you would otherwise have to spend on repetitive communications. Thanks to a high level of automation, tasks like emailing applicants are taken care of, freeing you up to focus on other priorities. For example, you can automate sending an email when a candidate’s status changes, and you can manually bulk email people who fit a specific profile or skills gap. With a quality ATS, you can also create vacancy templates that you can use to save time when filling common roles.

Differentiate your applications

Every role comes with its own specific requirements. Through an ATS, you can create and send tailored questionnaires, and with some vacancies, you might want to include ‘killer questions’ to filter unsuitable candidates. Many businesses do this at the beginning of the process, as it saves time both for them and those applicants who can then focus on more suitable positions. It’s easy to differentiate application forms and manage candidates with the minimum of effort. You can even automate reminders for candidates to complete important documents.

Report on the things that matter

The best recruitment platforms come equipped with powerful analytics features. You gain access to vital data on all areas of your recruitment process, from diversity of applications to that all-important time to hire. From there, you can easily report on key statistics that give you an overview of the big picture as well as the finer detail of the recruitment process.

Why a recruitment platform makes life simpler for candidates

Easy to apply for roles

Any good ATS should make it as easy as possible for people to apply for jobs. More and more, being able to use social profiles is an important driver for candidate engagement. With single sign-on and simple account creation, the application process becomes straightforward for candidates, which makes them more likely to complete and submit their information. Plus with video interviewing, candidates don’t have to take time off work or spend money attending a face-to-face interview.

Check where you’re at in the process

A recruitment platform gives candidates access to their own personal dashboard. It allows them to manage all of their applications from one place and provides a clear picture of what stage each application is at in the hiring process. For candidates who may be applying for multiple jobs, this offers a great user experience and makes life so much easier for them.

Join the talent pool

Being added to a talent pool on an ATS increases a candidate’s chances of being selected to interview for another role, if they’ve been unsuccessful previously. This is a real advantage for job seekers who might be the perfect fit for opportunities other than the one they originally applied for, all without having to invest time recreating applications. In some cases, should the same position come up months down the line, you can skip the recruitment process completely by contacting the person who came in second for this role.

Interest communities

Some recruitment platforms allow candidates to join interest groups and communities that are relevant to their career. This allows candidates who are searching for similar roles to connect with each other and review the application process. This feature boosts candidate engagement and increases their chances of being hired.

Regular application updates

Automation is fantastic for recruiters, but it’s also useful for candidates. They can receive job alerts relevant to their area of interest, and automated email updates that keep them informed throughout their application journey. That includes telling them where they are in the process, what they need to do next and whether they have made it through to interview or not.

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