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Photo of Chris Bussell, Account Manager at Tribepad

A Day In The Life of a Tribepad Account Manager

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Name: Chris Bussell
Title: Account Manager

Photo of Chris Bussell, Account Manager at Tribepad

So, what does an Account Manager at Tribepad actually do?

To my clients, I’m the face of Tribepad (not a pretty one, mind). I’m responsible for making sure that their voices are heard within Tribepad and that they feel part of our Tribepad family. It’s important that I let them know about any new features that I think they can benefit from, so it’s important to understand each client and their reasons for using an ATS. On a daily basis, I review how my clients are using Tribepad and look out for ways to improve their experience to make sure they’re getting the most out of the platform, as well as managing their day-to-day development requests.

Who are your clients?

I look after a handful of our larger clients including the BBC, Yum! (KFC & Pizza Hut), Exclusive Hotels and Venues, Tesco, Bupa Global, and Serco. Our larger clients tend to have multiple departments, so the types of users, features and functionalities vary. As an Account Manager, it’s a bit of a balancing act keeping on top of different clients with different requirements.

What’s the most interesting thing about your role?

I get to work with a bunch of different companies helping them to use Tribepad to the best of their ability so that they can reap the benefits within their recruitment process. Each of my clients has a different way of working so it’s a bit of a challenge, and I love a challenge.

Why do you love working at Tribepad? (Assuming that you do!)

Tribepad is an awesome place to work. We have a great team of people all working towards the same goal: ensuring that we provide the best solution for our customers. Because we’re all passionate, everyone is easy to get along with and it’s an absolute pleasure working with them. Our working environment is flexible, meaning that I can get involved in any aspect of the business as long as I’m being helpful. Oh, and Pizza Fridays. Nothing beats pizza and a game of table tennis (while we’re discussing work, of course).

What’s next for you in the world of Tribepad?

Well next, I’ll be cycling home. But when I’m back in the office I hope to start taking on more responsibility to help drive the account management team forwards, work on account development, and to make our customers love us forever.

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