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In this and coming newsletters we’re going to have a regular slot on new functionality of the month and also a look at a key piece of functionality that we’re going to be launching soon. In this Newsletter we’re going to look at MJI integration for our new tools and as the coming soon we’ll give you a brief insight into our new reporting platform.

New Functionality!new

Management Judgement Indicators or MJIs (Similar to LJI – Leadership Judgement Indicators) are a unique scenario based psychometric testing instrument. These allow an additional depth to pre-screening candidates prior to shortlisting (or not) them for a role.  We have integrated MJI functionality into our ATS. Please get in touch with your Account Manager if this is something you would like to take advantage of!

Coming Soon!


We’ve been investing massively in a new Data Team and our new Reporting Platform!  The Team have been told that no task is too small and to go out and make it the envy of all of our competitors!  Have a look and see what is coming to you soon!

Tribepad’s Top Tip!

Do you find Shortlisting takes forever for some of your higher volumes roles? Why not have a look at our Support Article about using our Advanced Filtering feature?

Our crazy staff!


Some of our more courageous (crazy) members of staff (Dean, Dan K, Dan D and Dan B) have decided that it would be a really good idea to take part in Tough Mudder this year.  If you don’t know what Tough Mudder is, it’s one of those things that makes nightmares look like great dreams!

Did you know….

…In December we posted more than £75 MILLION worth of jobs for our clients.

Welcome to the Team!

Our little team has grown quite a bit over the last few months!  We’ve welcomed Tom Martin and Lawrence Goldstein to our Software Development Team, Chris Bussell to our Account Management Team, Daniel Bowles to our Apps Team, Ben Griffiths to our Data Team, Samantha Milne to our Customer Support Team and last but not least, Maigan Briggs has joined us on a Business Administration Apprenticeship.

Loads more videos!

Because we’re constantly building new functionality for our clients, we’re constantly adding new videos to our YouTube channel. Why not have a look here?

And Finally.. 


We’re delighted to welcome the Pentagon Group to the Tribepad family. Pentagon are a family owned business and one of the UKs top 30 car dealers. Chellie Stevenson, Training Manager of Pentagon, said: “We’re very excited to be launching the Tribepad platform at Pentagon. With our values and ethos of how we sell our cars and service our customers it is crucial that we have the right staff, and using Tribepad will help us do that more efficiently and make the full process more cost effective.”


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