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Why Tribepad is Great for Your Retail Company

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Problem #1: Candidates can look great on paper but turn out to be rubbish with customers.

Let us start off by saying that the written part of a job application is pretty important, especially if part of your role is to write on behalf of your company. For some roles in retail, however, it really isn’t the end of the world if there’s a misplaced apostrophe in a candidate’s application. If a role is customer facing, surely the candidate’s personality and bedside manner (so to speak) are more important?

The Solution: Video interview your candidates.

Video interviewing is growing in popularity in the recruitment industry, and with Tribepad it’s super easy to do. Using a video platform will not only allow you to see the candidate’s personality but will also help to condense the recruitment process; no more waiting for days for a face-to-face interview, videoing makes it convenient for everyone involved.

Problem #2: Your recruiters are spending hours trawling through applications.

As a retail company, you may have multiple stores across the country, as well as a head office, that your recruitment department need to keep staffed all year round. The last thing your recruiters want to be doing is spending their valuable time trawling through applications from candidates who aren’t even qualified for the role. Whether they’re not eligible to work in the UK or simply don’t have any customer service experience, if only there was a way to filter out these applicants right at the start?

The Solution: Add a questionnaire to your job application.

With Tribepad, it’s really easy to add a questionnaire to a job application to act a pre-screening step in your recruitment process. By asking questions about a candidate’s eligibility and suitability for the role from the outset, your recruiters can auto-reject or auto-shortlist applications based on answers to a specific question or overall score.

Problem #3: Your job ads aren’t getting to the right people.

Whatever role you’re recruiting for, it’s so important to make sure that your ad gets to the right people so that you can find the perfect employee. As a retail business you will have brand ambassadors: people who will choose your brand not only to shop with but to work for. Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only get your ad out there but connect with the people who would love to work for your company?

The Solution: Let your candidates share job ads, recommend them to friends, and sign up for job alerts.

When you post a job ad with Tribepad, it can be completely integrated with all your social media channels. This means that you can post the job ad on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but also that candidates can share the ad on their own social media channels (which is great for your SEO). Not only this, but if a candidate sees a job that isn’t quite right for them but is perfect for a friend, they can send them a direct referral.
Once your job ad is out in the world, it’s more likely that one of your brand ambassadors will see it. Once they’re aware that you’re hiring, letting them sign up for job alerts is the perfect way to make sure that they’re the first to know when you post a new role.

Not using an Applicant Tracking System?

Here at Tribepad, we offer free three-month trials for our ATS and video interviewing platform. Drop us a line today, we’ll tell you all about how Tribepad is perfect for your business.

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