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Tribepad launch ethical manifesto

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Tribepad – our ethical manifesto

Our mantra has always been “People first, product second, profit third”.

We know that if we properly look after our people, they will build awesome products and deliver great service. If we get that right, our customers will love us and we will make some money along the way.

But in 2020 we updated our thinking, because we couldn’t afford not to.

Carbon negative, climate positive

We know that climate change is a major crisis facing our planet. We can’t afford to sit on the fence and wait for the politicians to do something. We must take action ourselves. Everyone can make small changes, which collectively make a huge positive difference.

We’ve worked out how much carbon Tribepad has generated since we launched in 2008, and how much we generate each month. We’ve then doubled those numbers – just to make sure we’re not under-estimating our carbon footprint.

We mainly generate carbon from electricity in our data centres and our offices. Travelling to the office and our clients also contributes.

We work with Ecologi ( to plant trees to offset our carbon now and in the future. We pledge to plant double the number of trees that we need to, every month, forever.

  • We’ve planted 48,735 trees in Madagascar to cover twice the value of all of the carbon that our data centres have ever used 
  • We’ve committed to planting trees that cover twice the value of all of the carbon our employees have ever used 
  • We’ve committed to planting trees that cover twice the value of all the carbon that our office consumes
  • We also offer our team the ability to offset their personal life. I.e. we will match the number of trees required to offset how much carbon they have used, since being born
  • We will also plant 100 trees on each team member’s birthday, plant 500 trees for each existing client in September 2020 and 1,000 trees for each new client, from now on.

Delivering on diversity

Our talent technology has the power to help make recruitment fair and equitable for everyone. So whether it’s using video, AI or anonymous candidate features, our mission is to help our clients deliver on their equality, diversity and inclusion agendas for the benefit of their organisation and society as a whole.

Of course, we must play our part in that too – so we make sure our team represents our clients and community in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, disability and sexuality.

Giving back, locally and globally

We’re now working with Kiva ( to provide micro-loans for individuals and businesses around the globe. They use this money to build a better and more sustainable world for themselves, their families and local communities. We pledge to provide at least $500 a month in incremental lending, each and every month, from hereon in.

Our team regularly participates in fund-raising events for our annually chosen local and national charities. We also provide heavily discounted or free-of-charge software solutions to the charity sector. During the Covid crisis we developed a platform for Voluntary Action Sheffield to help to organise more than 1,000 volunteers across 25 partner organisations, the council and NHS. VAS is coordinating efforts to deliver food, collect medication and generally help those in need.

Part of our community

Every year we take on work experience students and apprentices from schools and colleges in our area. We also work with Sheffield University in sponsoring PHD student projects.

We think it’s important to support local businesses too; that’s why we buy as many of our services as possible from organisations in our region including UK Steel Enterprise, Ask4, Zen and Callwise.

The decisions we make in business directly impact the future we build for ourselves and those around us. So we’ve broadened our thinking to improve the way we live and work sustainably, and invest in our community.

We are ‘People first, product second, profit third’ now and forever.

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