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Feature Release 2

Here's your quarterly roundup of Tribepad's latest features going live on July 16th.

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Free feature  – Pro & Gro

Tackle skills shortages by increasing hiring flexibility. Recruit for a given number of hours rather than specific headcount. Like, say you need 80 hours of clinical cover but it doesn’t matter whether that’s two people with 40 hours or four people with 20 hours, or any combo. Great for our frontline customers.

We’ve had lots of conversations recently about this, so we built it for you 💪🏻

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Free feature – Pro

We’ve changed how some permissions work, so you can change them yourself back-end without waiting for support. 

This is one we’re changing slowly to make sure you can’t accidentally mess up your platform (👀) so there’s more to come. But for now, you’ll be able to change these:


  • Whether disabled candidates are identified and which icon you want
  • Whether the disability question is hidden on candidates’ profiles
  • Whether candidates are classified as ‘Internal’ once you’ve hired them
  • Whether job adverts show a map
  • Which users can edit, clone, and unpublish jobs 
  • Whether closed jobs can be deleted


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Free feature – Pro & Gro

Candidate mini profiles are one of the features you consistently tell us you love, so we’ve done some work to make them even better. 

You can now review even more info about each candidate straight from their mini profile, but we’ve added different tabs so it’s easier to see exactly what you need at a glance. 

It works if candidates are anonymised too, so you don’t have to choose between ED&I and efficiency.

This one is on the UAT today and will be live on July 16th. Need more time to get your ducks in a row? Tell us by July 9th that you want to delay for 6 months.


Free feature – Pro & Gro

What it says on the tin. You can now log into Tribepad using two-factor authentication via email, instead of needing an app – which we know could be annoying. 

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Free feature – Pro & Gro

Last year we improved the look, feel, and functionality of notes and tasks across onboarding. We’ve now rolled that across the ATS. Now you can reorder, filter, and pin relevant info. It’s prettier and more intuitive. All good stuff. 

Nothing to do for this one, it’s ready for you to use straight away.

We’re working constantly to improve the accessibility of our platform, and we have full-time development resource committed here. 

This quarter we’ve been working on:

  • Adding an annual internal testing plan to maintain accessibility standards
  • Continued internal testing to raise and address accessibility or usability issues
  • Reviewing candidate processes through an accessibility lens
  • Working with Coventry City Council’s disability employers’ network to test candidate processes with their assistive technologies
  • Working with the Met Office’s internal accessibility team to collaborate on accessibility testing and feedback
  • Planning an open accessibility forum for clients, to answer questions and provide updates

Brand new integrations for you


A modern HR platform for modern businesses, Bob offers resilient, agile tech that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game-changing, user-friendly tool that touches every employee across the business.


Forget spreadsheets and old-fashioned systems that can no longer keep up with the needs of modern frontline workforces. Sona is a next-generation workforce management solution for frontline companies around the UK and Ireland. 

And that’s us, over and out for now.

As ever, grab your account manager if there’s anything you can’t do, don’t have, or want to discuss. Otherwise we’ll be back with your next feature release in a few months’ time.

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