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Dean Sadler, our CEO on 10 years of Tribepad

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We recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary, marking the occasion with a fantastic Client Forum and a well-deserved team trip to Brussels.

It’s been great to look back and acknowledge our success, but we are always looking to the future too. We sat down with Dean Sadler, the CEO of Tribepad, to learn more about how the company got started and, of course, what comes next.

When you started Tribepad, did you imagine the company would be where it is now?

Yes and no. We knew we had a highly skilled team and that the recruitment industry was being poorly served. I could see that there was a problem to be solved, and with our team we were in a great position to present a solution. The company had huge potential.

However, we didn’t know at that point that we would end up with such global brands using our platform. We began targeting SME clients, but it became clear quite quickly that our products would appeal to much larger organisations. Working with those international brands has allowed us to grow and improve in a measured, sustainable way.

What have been the key moments in the Tribepad journey?

Well, we started out with our Video Interviewing platform. It’s a huge success now, but we were very early to market back then. Clients weren’t necessarily ready for it and so we that’s when we decided to develop our Applicant Tracking System.

It’s important to recognise our clients who helped with the project, providing essential feedback throughout. Understanding their needs and creating an ATS to match is what really saw the product – and Tribepad as a company start to take off.

We still work in the same way now, all these years later. We are client-demand driven, which means we focus our innovation on real problems that need solving.

What have been your proudest moments or achievements so far?

It’s been a rewarding 10 years and there have been many proud moments. Working with the BBC for the first time was a big deal for us. They are such a recognised organisation and iconic brand, it really showed that Tribepad was a force to be reckoned with.  

Since then, I was delighted to launch our multilingual platform, which is now used in almost every country. It demonstrated our position as an international company, as well as offering candidates all over the world a superb user experience. And I was proud to recently launch our artificial intelligence and machine learning personality profiling capability. It’s a strong and ambitious marker for the future, as well as a sign that we are leading the way in the industry. 

How have you been able to grow and develop the company successfully?

My philosophy on this is very simple and it has been effective so far. At Tribepad, we focus on people first, product second and profits third.  

We find great people and give them all of the tools they need to get the job done. Then we get out of the way. What we see is that people really excel and become more creative in their approach to problem solving.

We don’t watch the clock. Honestly, I couldn’t care if someone is in the office 9 to 5 or on the beach every day. It’s all about results and not about time worked.

What do you see for Tribepad in the next 10 years?

I want Tribepad to keep delivering innovation for our clients, their users and candidates. We want to help job seekers find the best opportunities and help companies find the best talent.

But most importantly I want a company that can provide a greater level of opportunity for all team members to excel in what they choose to do in life. That might mean learn another skill, spend more time with friends and family or start their own business. We want to be a part of that journey with them and be able to say proudly that, “We made a difference in those people’s lives”.

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