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Sodexo: Bringing quality to life

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Sodexo are a global company that provide onsite services, benefits and reward services, as well as personal and home services. Sodexo worked closely with Tribepad to help shape the first version of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This ongoing partnership continues to deliver innovation for both parties

  • 35,000 staff in the UK and Ireland
  • 133 nationalities employed
  • More than 2,000 locations

The challenge

Sodexo were struggling with their ATS which was slow and ‘clunky’. Job posting was manual, repetitive and laborious, which wasted time and money.

There were thousands of job seekers’ details in the database but no effective way of finding them. This resulted in paying job boards and agencies to attract talent that may have already been in the system. Because of a poor experience on mobile phones and no way for recruiters to tailor the application process, candidate drop-off was high.

Sodexo Employee

Key Requirements:

  • Reduce reliance on job boards and agencies
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduce candidate drop-out

Our solution

Mobile optimisation

The ATS is fully optimised for mobile resulting in application conversion rates improving overnight.

Candidate engagement

The easy-to-use system and real-time updates have reduced candidate queries and drop off rates.

Intuitive interface

A simple system which minimises clicks means that new recruiters can hit the ground running.

Designed for recruiters

Working directly with the Sodexo recruitment team, Tribepad could tailor the platform to create an efficient recruitment process and a great user experience.

Talent pooling

Recruiters can identify talent in seconds, freeing up time to increase candidate engagement and improve the hiring process.

Tailored application process

The candidate journey can be adapted for specific job roles which reduces drop-out and maximises the quantity and quality of applications.

Tribepad ATS was built with our recruiters in mind which has led to an incredible impact for Sodexo. Within the first year of using Tribepad we saw a 40% drop in agency costs. We save thousands every month by using CV Search to find candidates in our talent pool, so we don’t have to pay agencies or job boards for many of our roles.

Kathryn Pendlebury, Sodexo
Kathryn Pendlebury
Resourcing Partner, Sodexo

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