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Tribepad's modern talent acquisition suite helps financial services businesses accelerate workforce transformation, to keep pace with disruption and protect long-term growth.

Build the financial services company of the future

Customers expect more than ever from financial services businesses but most are struggling to build a workforce that keeps pace.

Skills shortages are getting worse not better, fuelled by fast-changing products, regulations and technologies. Finance’s reputation continues to stagnate, diversity promises go unfulfilled and disruptive competitors snatch the best people.

Commercial success rests on rethinking recruitment, shrugging off deadweight legacy recruitment systems that slow progress and building a modern function that supports business growth.

Power workforce transformation with Tribepad

With four powerful add-as-you-need modules, Tribepad’s talent acquisition suite empowers FS businesses to attract, hire and retain the top talent business growth depends on.

Take control over recruitment

Handle end-to-end recruitment for the whole business from one modern, easy-to-use dashboard. With extensively configurable views, permissions, templates and workflows for every role. To accelerate time-to-hire, decrease risk, centralise reporting and compliance and capitalise on cost-efficiencies.

HR Coordinator dashboard

Overcome technical skills shortages

Digital and regulatory skills shortages hamstring growth and increase the risk of reputation-destroying security breaches. Tribepad’s powerful talent pooling functionality empowers finance businesses to keep pace with digital transformation by building long-term talent communities around tomorrow’s skills needs.

Hire people with people skills

Hire people with the soft skills to deliver a winning customer experience, to protect your business’ long-term success. With video interviewing, robust pre-screening functionality and online assessments, Tribepad empowers finance recruiters to prioritise soft skills from the outset.

Deliver on your diversity promises

Promoting diversity and inclusion has been a priority for years but change hasn’t come fast enough. Tribepad’s diversity features empower you to finally move the needle, and prove you’re taking decisive action to remove unconscious bias. So you can reach candidates your competitors can’t.

Modernise the candidate experience

Whether you’re hiring for the C-suite or millennials, a cumbersome candidate experience means you lose out. Tribepad embeds best-in-class candidate experience design at every touchpoint, to create a fast, personal and intuitive process that’s remembered for the right reasons.

Elevate your employer brand

Build an employer brand that rivals every competitor, to prove you’ve got the credibility to compete – even against new market disruptors. Tribepad is the lynchpin of a comprehensive multi-channel attraction and nurturing recruitment strategy that’s proactive, not reactive.

Increase new hire impact

Increase new hire productivity, accelerate time-to-productivity and decrease new hire turnover, with Tribepad’s easy-to-use, extensively configurable onboarding functionality. So the people you hire to make an impact are empowered to make that impact bigger, faster.

Improve cost efficiency

Sweeping disruption and accelerating digital transformation puts more pressure than ever on FS companies to prioritise cost-efficiency. Tribepad delivers efficiencies throughout the recruitment process, slashing admin time by 25% so you can get more done with less.

Guiding your recruitment evolution

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How disruptive is migration?

Rethinking how you recruit doesn’t have to be disruptive. You’ll be up, running and confident before you know it, with minimum disruption to business-as-usual. We have heaps of experience making the implementation process fast and painless, with a structured roadmap and high-touch consultative approach working with everyone who’ll use Tribepad.

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