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Hire Ground – Issue 2

Tags: PR and News

Hire Ground is back! We were thrilled with the response to the first issue, which, combined with the chatter at our Customer Forum, highlighted a real need and desire to dig deep into the nuanced and knotty questions when it comes to hiring, recruitment and talent acquisition. A landscape free from bias and thriving in diversity is one that we all want to see, and this issue explores some of the challenges and successes that the industry is facing when it comes to doing just that.

Read on to find out more about the latest updates to our Stop The Bias campaign as we look at how things have changed since we first published research in 2022. We also take a look at how to radically shake up your recruitment, talk to Matthew Howe from BT about recruitment at scale and lots more.

Have a nose, delve in deep – and share with your mates.

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